Online product configurator

The configurator is an assistant
that helps you select
and customize products with just a few clicks.

The configurator brings many advantages to the company and customers.
Greater automation allows the sales department to do less manual work
and focusing more on sales.

Customize it

Make a configurator that takes into account all your wishes
and needs. Before starting, we plan the
functionality and steps of the configurator.
This ensures its efficient operation.

Ensure efficient operations

Greater automation allows the sales department
to do less manual work by compiling offers and
focus more on sales.

Fun customer experience

When customers create a product, they think of it
as their product. They are creatively involved in the project,
which means that they will share their creation with others
and invite other potential customers.

Learn more about customer preferences

By digitizing orders, we get a good overview
of the interest in certain products. This makes it easier
to plan stock and prepare new products.

Personalization of the configurator
with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing large amounts of information
extracting important customer patterns from it and optimizing products and services.

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Flexible production

Customers customize products or services according to their specific requirements (choice of color, size, functions, accessories).


Digital user experience

Customers visually monitor the changes they make during configuration. It gives them a better idea of ​​the finished product.


Use in various industries

Configurators are used in the automotive, clothing and furniture industries, computer technology, etc.


Increasing customer satisfaction

With configurators, customers get a product that meets their wishes. This leads to greater brand loyalty and positive reviews.


Data Analytics

Configurators generate valuable data about how customers use configuration options.